Fuji TCH Spinning Seat Polished


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Fuji Unveils the Next Evolution in Reel Seats: Introducing the TCH Series with Titanium Carbon Hybrid Technology Fuji, the pioneer in premium rod building products, proudly introduces the all-new TCH Series Reel Seats, featuring Fuji’s ground breaking Titanium Carbon Hybrid (TCH) technology. Crafted to perfection with High Modulus carbon, these reel seats are the epitome of stiffness and precision, designed to elevate your custom rod building projects to unprecedented heights.

The TCH Series showcases Fuji’s revolutionary hybrid hood, combining long fibre carbon reinforced resin with titanium. This unique design maximizes the strengths of both materials, resulting in a 10% increase in overall strength compared to conventional resin-only hoods. Embrace the joy of fishing without the burden of excess weight. The TCH Series Reel Seats are engineered to be ultra-lightweight, ensuring that your custom rods are easy to handle, reducing fatigue, and enhancing your fishing experience.

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