American Tackle Tsuka II


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The Tsuka 2 delivers a range of cutting-edge features. Leading the way in blow-molded construction with the option of matte 3K carbon or forged carbon, American Tackle has solidified itself as a pioneer in handle design. Notably, the Tsuka 2 delivers the industry's first complete forged carbon handle system, revolutionizing the fishing rod landscape which earned American Tackle the Best in Show at ICAST 2023. 

Versatility is a key attribute, as the Tsuka 2 Handle can be seamlessly integrated for a new custom build or retro-fitted onto completed rods. Its slim and ergonomic designs prioritize comfort and control, ensuring an optimal fishing experience. The handle's lightweight nature not only enhances maneuverability but also contributes to an overall reduction in the rod's weight without compromising strength. This blow-molded carbon process gives the most dedicated angler added durability to withstand the rigors tournament angling and elevates their ability to detect even the lightest of bites. 

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