ProKote Thread Finish


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PROKÖTE™ rod building thread finish is the perfect choice for professional-grade finished fishing rods.

With its extended working time, easy leveling, good bubble release, and excellent thread saturation, PROKÖTE™ is your go-to choice for rod building needs. Each kit includes mixing and application instructions, and the smaller kits (2-8 oz.) also include a set of free 3cc color-coded syringes and yorker caps. The base resin and hardening components are provided in equal amounts, and are mixed in a simple 1:1 ratio. With its medium-build structure, PROKÖTE™ remains flexible without becoming too soft or hard, and its unique leveling properties release micro bubbles with ease. Protect your rod from UV rays, scratches, abrasions, and the elements with the superior clarity retention and yellowing protection of PROKÖTE™.

  • Medium build viscosity remains flexible without staying soft or becoming too hard and cracking
  • Unique leveling properties release micro bubbles with ease
  • Excellent thread saturation creates a deep protective coating
  • Protects your thread wraps from harmful UV rays, scratches, abrasions, and the elements
  • Prevents the growth of mold and mildew, which can damage and degrade guide wraps over time

Note: the volume listed is the total volume of both hardener and resin. For example: when ordering PK-2, that features (2) 1oz. bottles to make approximately 2oz. of prepared finish.

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